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I'm Not Goth!!!!!!

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Sick and tired of being called Goth, although you never claimed to be? Well, this happened to me more them enough times. I dress in black, I like to write and draw, and I'm often shy and keep to myself.

I am unique, but some idiots keep saying "Stay away from her, she's Goth and I heard she cuts herself and listens to weird music..." And the Goths say "She's such a bitch, trying to be Goth when she not, she's such a poser..." This pisses me off, I never claimed to be Goth!

So if you are yourself and hate being called Goth, join and talk about anything that interests you!

((Note: This is not a anti-goth community. In fact, if the Gothic subculture was not overrun by people trying to be Goth just to look cool, I swear I would be Goth. The Goth subculture is going the way of the punks: To the posers.))